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The Third Day Bible Code

This Book 1 in the "Still Here" series was published by BookPros in 2006. It is soft cover and 267 pages in length. This book represents some serious, pioneering research about a repeated third-day motif in the Bible. This mysterious, cryptic, and therefore obscure subject is little known and occurs mostly in the Old Testament.

The Apostle Paul wrote that God raised Jesus from the dead “on the third day according to the scriptures”--the Old Testament (1 Corinthians 15.4b). Where? Paul doesn't say. Twice Jesus cited one, about the Prophet Jonah being in a big fish for three days (Matt 12.40; 16.4). Jesus said it was a sign, that is, a type, of his impending resurrection on the third day. This should alert us to look for other types about three days or third day in the Scriptures.

Indeed, a peculiar third-day motif occurred in some of the most important events in Jewish history that are recorded in the Bible. For example, it was on the third day that (1) Abraham offered Isaac, (2) the Israelites met God at Mt. Sinai, and (3) Esther saved the Jews. I interpret these and other third-day incidents as types prefiguring Jesus, some of them forecasting his resurrection the third day. Jews have recognized the importance and significance of this third-day motif, and they have partially understood its meaning. Christians have done neither; yet they have had all the more reason to do so, since they believe God resurrected Jesus from the dead on the third day.

This third-day motif in these and other biblical narratives serve as a code that unlocks God’s timetable about the future. By applying to them the principle "that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like one day" (2 Peter 3.8), I further interpret that Jesus will return in the early part of the third millennium following his departure, approximately between the years 2070 and 2250.

Whether or not one accepts this sensational thesis about the approximate timing of Jesus' return, this book serves as a strong apologetic for the existence of God as well as Jesus' resurrection on the third day, and it will strengthen Christians in their faith.

The Third Day Bible Code was second in the Religion/Christianity category in USA Book News' National "Best Books" Awards contest in 2007.

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