Warrior from Heaven is Book 2 in the Still Here series. Published by BookPros in 2009, it is soft cover and 242 pages in length. It is a dramatic narrative about all biblical prophecies that portray the second coming of Christ and all events thereafter. No detail is left behind. Thousands of verses are joined together in a chronological framework and written about in a journalistic style in the present tense. This action-packed, biblical epic is quite engaging, easy reading, and written for the general public. About 15% of it is poetry, half of it from the Bible.
The book begins with the military forces and heads of state of all of the world's nations gathering into northern Israel. Then the Antichrist leads them to annihilate all Israeli Jews and wipe the State of Israel off the map. But a most significant Jewish remnant gathers at the temple in Jerusalem and repents of its sins. Then Jesus comes from heaven to earth as a warrior-king to lead these Jews in destroying all of these enemies. Finally, Jesus establishes his worldwide kingdom of peace centered at Jerusalem, with Israel as chief of the nations. Alas, here is the kind of Messiah the Jews were looking for when they rejected Jesus.

To enhance readability, thousands of Scripture references are placed in the book's margins alongside their corresponding lines in the text, as in some study reference Bibles. Also, there are six maps, few notes, and many text boxes which explain issues in the narrative.

This unique book has been in progress for 35 years. It represents a lifetime of devoted study of Bible prophecy. Warrior from Heaven may be the most sophisticated, chronologically-arranged narrative of biblical end-times prophecies ever published. Plus, an illustrator was hired to produce the striking image on this book's front cover. This illustration portrays the biblical image of Jesus' second coming, riding on clouds.

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