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Inside the PGA Tour Bible Study Group helping golf No. 1 Scottie Scheffler

“Founded in July 1965 by pro players Kermit Zarley and brothers Jim and Babe Hiskey, the first meeting was held at the Whitemarsh Open in Philadelphia, Penn., and attended by just seven people.

“There was no Christian presence on the PGA Tour, in the sense of a gathering, before we started the PGA Tour Bible Study,” Zarley, 81, told The Post.

“We would just post a sign in the clubhouse locker room saying where and when the meeting was that week. There was never any resistance from the Tour officials.”” – New York Post

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Kermit Zarley

Kermit Zarley is a professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour. He is also the author of several books.

Zarley was born in Seattle, Washington. He graduated from the University of Houston and was a distinguished member of the golf team. He was the individual champion at…” – The Toby Gibben Show Highlights

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podcast 86 – Kermit Zarley on distinguishing Jesus and God

Mr. Kermit Zarley is a retired professional golfer and Christian author, having written books on christology and eschatology.

In this episode, recorded at his home in Arizona, he describes being born again as a teen, his evangelical identity, and his discovery that in the New Testament, Jesus and God are…” – Trinities

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Interview with Kermit Zarley

“On May 1, 2011 pastor Steve Taylor of Lakeshore Bible Church in Tempe, Arizona, interviewed retired professional golfer and Christian author Kermit Zarley about his journey of faith. Zarley talks about how he came to question the doctrine of the Trinity because he read the text in which Jesus said…” – Kingdom Ready

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"I came down from heaven": Discussion with Kermit Zarley on Metaphors in the Gospel of John, and if Jesus "Pre-existed"

“This episode is a discussion with Kermit Zarley, retired professional golfer, and now author of a number of books, including The Restitution of Jesus Christ (see links below).

Formerly a Trinitarian Christian, Zarley briefly describes how he came to understand that the God of the Bible is one, and that Jesus is…” – Listen Notes

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Kermit Zarley's Game, If Not Name, Down To Earth

“KENMORE – For the past eight years, he had played weekend golf and written books about the Bible. It figured.

But even the man comedian Bob Hope called “the pro from the moon” couldn’t stay away from the down-to-earth reality and riches of the PGA Senior Tour.

Kermit Zarley, 50, was back yesterday – in golf, in the Northwest, with a name and a game you…” – The Seattle Times

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Zarley finally picks up his sticks again

“Kermit Zarley did the most amazing thing Tuesday morning at the Tournament Players Course at Snoqualmie Ridge.

He didn’t fly a golf ball in from the fairway or roll one in from 50 feet.

In his trademark wide-brimmed hat, he…” – Seattle PI

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Zarley hangs on to seniors lead

“The Senior PGA Tour might be a traveling Hall of Fame, but for golfers who never made their fortunes like the Arnold Palmers and Lee Trevinos of the world, it offers the ultimate second chance.

Kermit Zarley is a wonderful case in point.

It has been eight years since he was in contention to…” – Tampa Bay Times

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Kermit Zarley a Golf Player, Who is Vocal About His Unitarian Christianity

“Zarley had three dozen top-10 finishes in PGA Tour events during his 18 years on Tour including two wins. Zarley had three top-10 finishes in major championships; his best was a solo 6th at the 1972 U.S. Open.[1]

Due to his unusual name, Zarley was often called…” – The Muslim Times

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Son Talks Zarley Into Slim Lead at Senior Open

“Kermit Zarley ignored the advice of his caddie, Mike–who also happens to be his only son–and began the second round of the U.S. Senior Open by missing a four-foot birdie putt.

The father and son argued briefly, and Kermit Zarley struggled for 11 holes. He finally started listening to Mike, however, and dropped four consecutive…” – Los Angeles Times

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Kermit Zarley on distinguishing Jesus and God

“Mr. Kermit Zarley is a retired professional golfer and Christian author, having written books on christology and eschatology.

In this episode, recorded at his home in Arizona, he describes being born again as a teen, his evangelical identity, and his discovery that in the New Testament, Jesus and God are…” – Blogging Theology

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Pro from the Moon replaced clubs with pen

“It could be said that Kermit Millard Zarley Jr., former West Seattle resident and now retired professional golfer was blessed. Blessed with natural talent or an affinity for the game of golf beginning as a youngster on the rolling hills and fairways of West Seattle Golf Course.

It could also be said that natural talent for Kermit was…” – Westside Seattle

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Zarley wins TransAmerica

“Kermit Zarley birdied the first hole of a sudden-death playoff with Isao Aoki on Sunday to win the $600,000 TransAmerica senior golf tournament at the Silverado Country Club. Zarley tapped in a short birdie putt on the par-5 18th hole, the first playoff hole, to clinch his first victory since…” – United Press International

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“Kermit Zarley started listening to his son, who also happens to be his caddie, and used four consecutive birdies yesterday to take a one-shot lead midway through the U.S. Senior Open.

Zarley, who argued with son Mike after missing a four-foot putt on No. 1, shot a second straight 69 and is at…” – Washington Post

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“Eleven days ago at the Inverrary golf tournament, Jack Nicklaus awoke before dawn. By first light, he hit warmup balls. At 8 a.m. that Saturday, he approached the first tee and saw before him a dewy, untouched fairway.

This is the PGA world the way the sufferers see it. The golfers with the tournament’s worst score…” – Washington Post

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