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Kermit was a tournament-winning professional golfer full-time for 18 years on the regular PGA Tour and 10 years on its Champions (Senior) Tour. After four official wins, one unofficial wins, and seventeen second place finishes or tie for seconds on those two PGA Tours, he officially retired from playing professional golf in 2005.

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Kermit is a Christian author with nine published theological books. People often ask him, “How can you be a pro golfer and write books on theology?” Well, Kermit’s a busy guy with a lot of interests. Writing about Jesus, theology and world affairs has been his second career for many years.

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Kermit’s newest passion is inventing. His love of reading resulted in his most interesting invention, the patented Triangle Book®, which is a book format that stands on its own for hands-free reading. Better than a book stand, the Triangle Book® offers a new ergonomic way to read printed books.

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Kermit is a blogging machine! He posts on a myriad of subjects from golf to prophecy to current events. Take a look or subscribe to his feed using the buttons below. Always interesting and often hilarious…

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