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The Third Day Bible Code (BookPros, 2006, 267 pp.) examines a cryptic, third-day motif that occurs in some of the most important historical narratives about ancient Israel in the Bible as follows:

  • “On the third day Abraham looked up and saw the place in the distance” where God told him to offer Isaac (Genesis 22.4).
  • God told Moses, “Prepare for the third day because” then “the LORD will come down upon Mount Sinai” (Exodus 19.11).
  • Joshua told Israel, “Prepare your provisions, for in three days you are to cross over the Jordan” (Joshua 1.11).

More biblical narratives are listed below.

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Title: The Third Day Bible Code
Publisher: Synergy Books
Date of Publication: 2006
Author: Kermit Zarley
Language: English
Series: Book 1 of STILL HERE

Format: Paperback
Page Count:
12 ounces
6 x 0.47 x 9
Category: 1. Biblical typology 2. Second coming
ISBN: 978-1-933538-43-3


More Biblical narratives referenced in this book:

  • “On the third day Esther put on her royal robes and stood in the inner court of the king’s palace” (Esther 5.1).
  • “After two days he will revive us, on the third day he will raise us up, that we may live before him” (Hosea 6.2).
  • Regarding the twelve-year-old Jesus and his parents, “After three days they found him in the temple” (Luke 2.46). “Three days” is a Semitic idiom meaning “third day” (Esther 4.16—5.1; Matt. 27.63-64).

These third days motifs are unique because there is nothing like them in Israel’s biblical history, such as an important occurrence on a second day, fourth day, fifth day, or sixth day. Zarley claims these third day motifs are types that serve as a code to unlock God’s timetable for the future. Some, such as Abraham offering Isaac on the third day, forecast Jesus’ resurrection on the third day.

Jews have recognized the importance of this third day motif and partly grasped its meaning. Christians have done neither even though they have more reasons to do so since they believe Jesus rose from the dead on the third day.

Moreover, Zarley claims most of these third day motifs signal the general timing of God’s plan of salvation history by applying to them Moses’ principle, which the apostle Peter quotes, “that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like one day” (2 Peter 3.8; cf. Psalm 90.4). Thus, the author asserts—without predicting the exact time of Jesus’ return (cf. Matt. 24.36)—that these third day motifs indicate Jesus will return in the early part of the third millennium following his departure, between the years 2070 and 2250. Whether one agrees with this sensational thesis, this unique book will serve as a strong apologetic for Jesus’ resurrection and strengthen Christians in their faith.

The Third Day Bible Code placed second in the Religion/Christianity category in USA Book News’ National “Best Books” Awards contest in 2007. It is the only book ever published about the Bible’s narratives that have a third day motif, treats them as types that subtly forecast the future, and provides in-depth explanations about their meaning.

The Third Day Bible Code is Book 1 of STILL HERE ® –a nonfiction book series about Bible prophecy as an alternative to LEFT BEHIND ® Theology.



“Kermit Zarley has studied the Bible prophetically more than any person I’ve met, and I include academics and pastors. He offers us a reasonable suggestion, that the Bible’s repeated third day motif just might contain a clue on how to understand God’s plan of history.”
~ Scot McKnight, Ph.D.North Park University, Chicago, Illinois

“Although I personally do not use the Bible to forecast the future, I nonetheless find Zarley’s ability to link sacred text with sacred text fascinating. The sheer creativity, born of a love of the text, is impressive and hearkens back to ancient ways of reading Scripture.”
~ Dale C. Allison, Jr., Ph.D.Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“The Third Day Bible Code by Kermit Zarley is a religious book that analyzes the Christian Bible intelligently and professionally. The author has published several books on religion, including The Gospels Interwoven and Palestine is Coming. According to the author, he read more than 1000 books about Jesus Christ. There is no doubt that he is a capable researcher.

The Bible has been around for a long time. How can a book that analyzes this ancient sacred text be original? That is a smart question. Many people have interpreted the Bible over the past millennia. Perhaps the most famous person to do this was the famous scientist Isaac Newton who spent a lot of time trying to discover the world’s truths by reading the biblical texts.

The Third Day Bible Code is different because it focuses on various events in the Bible that have a third-day motif. For example, chapters 11, 12, 13, and 14 are, respectively: Hosea and the Third Day Motif, Abraham’s Offering of Isaac on the Third Day, Joseph Imprisons His Brothers for Three Days, and Meeting God at Mount Sinai on the Third Day. By applying the Thousand-Year Day Principle to these events, the author predicts when the return of Jesus Christ could occur according to the Bible.

The author’s extensive knowledge is remarkable. I had read the Bible a few times, but The Third Day Bible Code made me wonder if I really understood some passages. My favorite part of the book was Kermit Zarley’s courage in making predictions about possible future events. Throughout the text, he demonstrates how it was common for some scholars to make predictions about the return of Jesus Christ. Obviously, everyone has failed miserably.

There is not much to be criticized here. I only found two subjective errors in a book of more than 200 pages. Therefore, one can say that the book is professionally edited. The only advice I would give the author would be to create a more extensive glossary at the beginning of the book and not at the end. It would be of great help to readers who are not so knowledgeable about Christianity.

All in all, The Third Day Bible Code deserves four out of four stars. The book is very well developed and is undoubtedly the work of an expert on the subject. As difficult as it is to interpret the Bible since some parables can mean a thousand different things, it seems that Kermit Zarley is on the right track. A short glossary is not enough reason to deduct one star.

I recommend this book to all Christians who want to understand the Bible better. Scholars interested in comparative religions will also find the subject fascinating.”

“Author Kermit Zarley is a former PGA golf tournament winner and a Christian interested in the codes thought to be embedded in texts of the Bible, with their possible implications for our lives today and tomorrow. Particularly intrigued that Jesus arose from the grave on the third day and that the pattern of third-day events are points on a thread woven throughout the Old and New Testaments, Zarley set out to trace them all in order to decide where they are leading us.

Zarley’s writing is as precise as his golf swing – and as precisely researched – so that he misses nothing along the pathway of third-day events. In the beginning of his book, he lists the scriptural abbreviations he uses and the literary sources he chose in addition to five different modern translations of the Bible and two historical Hebrew scriptural texts. The sheer number of third-day references in the Bible is overwhelming and seems to be driving home some sort of point that we need to understand. To this end, the author has been quite thorough in researching, writing, and helping the reader to understand his story of the third-day thread. It strongly supports Jesus’ resurrection from the dead and His certain return, even putting a set of time parameters on the latter.

The chapter titles are fascinating, including “Joseph Imprisons His Brothers for Three Days,” “Turning Water into Wine on the Third Day,” and “Jesus was LEFT BEHIND.” Overall, the thread of third-day events seems to lead repeatedly to Jesus, to His birth, life, death, and resurrection. Apparently it leads strongly to His return, as well.

It is all very interesting reading, and while the Bible says that man will not know the hour or the day of Jesus’ return, Zarley has done a tremendous amount of work in order to narrow it down to a timeframe encompassing about 180 years. Even if that time span is incorrect, the thread of third-day events gives us a sense of organization and purpose, because it is hard to accept that this thread was woven by any other than a Greater Intelligence, to actually have spanned several thousand years and many chapters written by different authors in the Bible and Hebrew scriptures. It will prove fascinating and provocative reading for everyone.”

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  1. Amazon Review

    While there are a great many books that examine the various patterns of Biblical events such as multiples of 2, 3, 5, 7, and 12 and the repetition of “one”, this book examining the use of 3s deserves a thoughtful read. Christians will find the ideas presented intriguing and encouraging. Non-Christians will gain a greater understanding of Christians’ beliefs and why these beliefs often generate disparate views.

  2. Amazon Review

    What a fascinating book. I’ve known Kermit for 40+ years. We are both former members of The University of Houston golf team and we played on the PGA Tour at the same time. I had no idea he had such a talent until a couple of months ago when we attended a UH golf team reunion. Kermit and I were over at another teammate’s home for dinner and I saw The Third Day Bible Code on a table. I briefly scanned it and found it intriguing enough to go online and buy it.(Naturally I got Kermit to sign it for free!)Being only 220 pages, I figured I could read it in a couple of nights.It took 3 weeks of intense reading to complete it. To get the full impact, I will have to read it at least 2 more times and then put it on the shelf as reference material. What’s impressive is how Kermit had the time to write books. Having been a professional golfer, I know how much time and effort is required to keep your skills at a high level. I admire Kermit for being able to both so well. I have wondered where Kermit developed such a vocabulary, especially since all he was used to saying on the golf tour was “you’re away” and “four”. Keep your dictionary handy and I hope you enjoy The Third Day Bible Code as much as I did.

  3. michael

    This is a tremendous book if you want to understand the Bible and what the Bible really means. It is filled with information that can be verified that will help you in your daily walk.

    With all the excellent research there are two things that need to be corrected. First Mr. Zarley doesn’t understand the book of Esther and his analysis is wrong. There is no mention of the first Queen, (Vashti) and what she represents. Second, it seems the author isn’t interested in correction since there is no way to drop a note of feedback.

  4. Spiritbeing

    Amazing research! I would have avoided any reference to the Jewish calendar, as it is hopelessly corrupted.
    A very minor point which does not detract from the enlightenment I received.

  5. Reginald N. Kelly

    Much that is solid here that is rare to be found, yet the thread runs all throughout the scripture and contains a key to understanding a predestined scheme in the plan of redemption.

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